Theodore | Syros island

In October 2017, i followed Theodore in the island of Syros,  where he performed a unique audiovisual event at the Town Hall of Ermoupolis right after the closing ceremony of the 10th anniversary of Animasyros.

Theodore and the team of acclaimed professionals that surrounds him, created an especially constructed light installation influenced by the historic character of the building and the nature of contrasts between light and shadow.





  • Music and lyrics by Theodore 
  •  Theodore - piano, vocals, kaoss pads 
  • Melentini - trumpet, backing vocals, synthesizers 
  • Vasilis Dokakis - guitar, backing vocalsAlessandro Giovanetto - guitar 
  • Nikolas Papachronopoulos - bass guitar 
  • Ashley Hallinan - drums 
  •  Sound Design: Vagelis Moschos 
  •  Sound recorded and mixed by Vagelis Moschos 
  • Mastered at United We Fly Studio by Vaggelis Chasiotis 
  • Stage managers: Vagelis Chasiotis and Thanos Fidetzis 
  •  Lights and Installation CreditsLighting Technician: Melina Zervaki 
  • Lights installation design: Sofia Pappa and Despina Vilioti 
  • Installation construction and set up: Stylianos Bouchayar and Thimios Nikozisis  
  • Produced by United We Fly
  • Design & Management: Maria Mertzani, Nadia Pappa 
  • Team: Aliki Evaggelinou, Alexandra Alexandridou, Rea Anastasopoulou, Afroditi Koufagela, Kostas Grountas 
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